Great service from Evelina

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 24 July 2017 on tripadvisor

After a long weekend in London with the family this would be our last meal before setting off home from Paddington. I was a bit sceptical due to some of the reviews but it could not have been a better finish to our weekend in London. Everyone was really pleased with their meals which came promptly, they were happy to acomodate my daughter with her dish and a special mention to Evelina who went above and beyond always smilling.
Great finish to our weekend.

- by C S, on tripadvisor on 24 Jul 2017

One word: per- fect!!

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 21 July 2017 on tripadvisor

The second we came in I felt so welcome at the place. Such a nice waitress. I think her name was Evelina? She was so friendly and polite at the same time. I had a steak and Romanian wine. Evelina recommended it to me. And wow, we had such a great time and such a nice dinner. Basically this review is about the service we've got in your restaurant. I am coming back asap and will bring my friends. Thank You, and see you soon!

- by Simona C, on tripadvisor on 21 Jul 2017


5 of 5 stars Reviewed 17 July 2017 on tripadvisor

The food served was absolutely delicious - Very mouth watering and filling, you get your money's worth in this restaurant. I would like to thank the chef personally, Thank you so much Jamal for the outstanding food which was cooked so well. Similarly I would like to thank the server Nicoleta who was very patient and attentive.

- by JayyB17, Latimer, United Kingdom, on tripadvisor on 17 Jul 2017


5 of 5 stars Reviewed 16 July 2017 on tripadvisor

I been having breakfast & lunch and dinner in restaurant brasserie , honestly is incredible place feel very restful when inside restaurant, great staffs very delicious food specially soup and sea bass from chefs name djamel Algerian, his really professional chef , wish to back again thanks all staff are very friendly and respectful
I give this restaurant 5*****"

- by almanaar, London, United Kingdom, on tripadvisor on 16 Jul 2017

Excellent service

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 14 July 2017 on tripadvisor

I've been to this restaurant quite a few times now, and I have been pleased every time. The food is excellent and always presented well. The staff members are attentive and kind. I just want to point out that Angelica, Radu and Witek are amazing staff members who make effort to know each customer well. Thank you guys!

- by fazzybazzy, London, United Kingdom, on tripadvisor on 14 Jul 2017

Exceptional service from Angelica

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 13 July 2017 on tripadvisor

Upon entering the restaurant I was seated and then Immediately attended by an exceptional staff member by the name of Angelica. She has continuously been amazing and always smiling. Her character outshined.

- by rania0212, London, United Kingdom, on tripadvisor on 13 Jul 2017


4 of 5 stars Reviewed 13 July 2017 on tripadvisor

Kindly smiling staff allowed me to use their facilities when stranded in Norfolk square after Paddington station evacuation unlike a neighbouring business. thank you.

- by Sally G, on tripadvisor on 13 Jul 2017

Really tasty, lean pork.

4 of 5 stars Reviewed 7 July 2017 on tripadvisor

I had a generous pork belly which was delicious and had minimal fat bands making it an excellent and filling choice. My dad had pasta and the staff were happy to accommodate his request for added chicken. The only improvement would be to add some vegetables to the pork dish, or make it clearer on the menu that a side of vegetables would be needed.

- by heightdeficient, Cardiff, United Kingdom on tripadvisor on 07 Jul 2017

Good Restaurant

4 of 5 stars Reviewed 18 June 2017 on tripadvisor

We ate a couple of decent dinners there. I'd certainly eat there again. The staff are very accommodating, too; they let us order things a little different from the menu, and didn't fuss about our splitting meals either.

- by Stephanie T, Groton, Connecticut, United States on tripadvisor on 18 Jun 2017

Great place to eat

5 of 5 stars Reviewed 11 May2017 on tripadvisor

Came upon this place by chance and glad we went in! Staff were wonderful. Food delicious and tasty. Had the pork ribs and cottage pie. Yum! Highly recommend.

- by Lesley-Ann M, Adelaide, Australia, on tripadvisor on 11 May 2017